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Slicing software takes a 3d model and turns it into instructions for the 3D printer. The instructions are generally exported in GCode which essentially is a list of locations to move to, amount of filament to extrude, etc.

The popular choices for slicing software are:

Both of these share the majority of use. Other Slicers may be used for specific use cases, or because a closed Ecosystem demands a certain Slicer (eg. Flashforge demands the use of their Flashprint Slicer)

There are, however, many other options, most of which are discussed below

Full List

Software Price OS Notes
3DPrinterOS Freemium Browser, Windows, Mac
Astroprint Freemium Browser, Raspberry Pi, pcDuino
Canvas3D Free Browser Slicer Supports All Palette Models by Mosaic Manufacturing
CraftWare Free Windows, Mac, Linux
Chitubox Free Windows, Mac, Linux Best suited for DLP resin printers running Chitu boards, but can export images for use with other machines. Robust support settings.
Chroma Free Windows, Mac, Linux For multicolour prints. Piggybacks off Cura or Slic3r
Cura Free Windows, Mac, Linux You can connect your computer to your printer using Cura
Formware $200 personal, $500 commercial Windows Resin slicer
IceSL Free Windows, Linux Modeler and slicer
ideaMaker Free Windows, Mac, Linux
KISSlicer Free/$35 Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pie
MakerBot Print Free Windows, Mac For Makerbot printers and their clones only
Materalize Magics $10k + depending on the modules you want Slicer, STL-conversion and repair
MatterControl Free Windows, Mac, Linux Piggybacks off Cura or Slic3r
NanoDLP Free Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac Linux For DLP Resin printers
Netfabb Standard $1,000 to $4,300 (annual subscription) Windows
OctoPrint Free Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac Linux Can be used as a wireless controller for printers, slicing piggybacks off Cura or Slic3r
Pathio Free Windows, Mac, Linux Open Beta
Prusa Slicer Free Windows, Mac, Linux A branch of Slic3r
Repetier Free Windows, Mac, Linux Piggybacks off old versions of Cura or Slic3r
SelfCAD Free trial, $9.99/month Browser Modeler and slicer
Simplify3D $150 Windows, Mac
Slic3r Free Windows, Mac, Linux
Slicer for Fusion 360 and Inventor Free if you make under 100k/pa Mac, Windows, Android Viewer Usually these are modelling programs but they do have some tool pathing capabilities.
SliceCrafter Free Browser
Tinkerine Suite Free Windows, Mac For Tinkerine printers and their clones only
Z-Suite Free Windows, Mac For Zortrax printers and their clones only