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Good Vibes They are all adorable.

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Good Vibes This guy's energy is what we need

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Good Vibes Gavin

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Good Vibes Spider-Man challenge

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Good Vibes Best investment

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Good Vibes Kid cosplays as Kevin from The Office

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Good Vibes He's a keeper

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Good Vibes A prank on multiple levels...

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Good Vibes I didn't even know Christmas trees could be replanted

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Good Vibes Hero

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Good Vibes The best gender reveal party

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Good Vibes as a gen z kid, seeing millenials grow up is pretty sick


So I'm an older gen Z person in my early twenties. And I know online there's this whole running joke of Gen Z's and millennials being each other's enemies and always having some little beefs with each other.

But it's been actually kind of cool to see the teenagers and the college kids, from when I was a little kid, growing up to having families and homes and teaching kids with gentle parenting or raising their kids to be socially and politically aware the way that the older generations weren't able to. Seeing their gen alpha kids interact with the world and other people so consciously is an absolute joy, the stuff of daydreams.

It's also generally just really sweet seeing the college kids on your block when you were like 10 become really wise and settle down or chase their dreams or find their path in life or explore more or just generally take on the next phase in their life you know. it's really cool to see them become adults. Not to sound like ur f****** mom hahaha.

The content that they post on their socials changes from roommates, parties, dating, exams to generally being a plant parent or getting a pet or chasing their careers or finding new hobbies and that's really inspiring and sweet to see. I don't know, it's just nice.

Like you see them growing up from mustache memes, metrosexual fashion and other "cringy" things that made them happy as young adults, just like i have my own joys - to being adults who talk about you know investing and raising money for their future or their parents' future or their kids'. It's just really cool. A lot of them turned from adventuring, wandering youths in their twenties to my reliable, down-to-earth mentors in the office. They teach me the in's & out's and offer secret little cheatcodes for a balanced and well-regulated life through interesting perspectives I'd never heard of before.

I just wanted to say from one gen Z to millennials, good on you guys. I hope you find what you're looking for. It's been fun being ur little buddies in life.

Edit for the devil's advocates: Yep i did generalise, u got me there. But that's what happens when consumers are segmented into age bracket groups, which are typically used by marketers. Segmentation is used for finding patterns rather than splitting hairs and ignores anolamies to the trend line. By its very definition, it's all generalised characteristics derived from a persona generated from the general commonalities among the group. So guilty as charged, you can blame qualitative data analysis. Outside of market segmentation in business contexts with an agenda, persona creation from common data isn't neccessarily faithful to a single individual, though that can happen. Do u see what I'm trying to say here? I'm not gonna re-explain cuz then I'll be talking in circles

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Good Vibes Beautifully done

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Good Vibes Can I offer you a smile? I just dyed my hair teal cuz I felt cute today

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Good Vibes Guy in the crowd accidentally hits the pause button. DJ handles it like a pro

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Good Vibes Goals

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Good Vibes Till that day …

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Good Vibes Not all cops are bad boys

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Good Vibes I took my friend to a park that had an adaptive swing!

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Good Vibes Artist uses Celebrity Chipotle card to pay for 100 people

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Good Vibes a classic

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Good Vibes Wholesome advice

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Good Vibes This is the best endorsement for corn I have ever heard

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Good Vibes Old man enjoys recreation with his dogs

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Good Vibes What is this sorcery?

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