The Rules of r/Superstonk

We want this to be a fun and healthy environment for everyone! Follow the rules and report posts or comments before you message the moderators. We believe the moderators are here to serve the community, so with that in mind; We encourage you to speak up if you believe that a rule should be added, changed, or is otherwise unrepresentative of this community's ideals. Please, do not hesitate to voice these concerns if they arise.


1. Be Nice or Else

Treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Do not be (intentionally) rude at all. This will increase the overall civility of the community and make it better for all of us.

Do not Insult others. Insults do not contribute to a rational discussion. Constructive criticism is appropriate and encouraged.

Do not tag other users in order to harass, attack, bully, or threaten.

Expanded Rule


2. Posts and comments must be relevant to GME

Topics, titles and contents must be directly related to GME, GameStop or market mechanics.

Tangentially-related topics must explicitly state how they relate to GME. See the Rules Wiki for post requirements and expectations.

Please link your sources!

Improper content includes, but is not limited to: other companies/stocks, politics, religion, NSFW content, and upvote fishing.

Expanded Rule


3. No FUD, Shills, Bots, Lies, Spam, Phishing

We have a zero tolerance policy with shills, bots, false content, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), Spam, and Phishing, and anything else that would undermine the integrity of this sub. Speculation is allowed under the Opinion flair, but we reserve the right to remove or lock posts as an anti-spam measure. Please be mindful that if you look act or sound like a shill, we might mistake you for a shill, but we will research your account history before any excessive action.


4. No Organizing or Market Manipulation

Any attempts to organize or manipulate our members into potentially ILLEGAL market manipulation will not be tolerated. Posts and comments that appear to violate this will be removed. Please do your own research on what Market Manipulation entails and keep yourself out of trouble.


5. Help Us Help You

If you see something, say something. Report users, posts, and comments that seem alarming. For those unaware, we mods mostly do our job through Mod Mail and Reports. Mod Mail is in the Moderators box on desktop and in the About menu (as a little mail icon) on mobile.


6. No Self-Monetization Allowed

All posts and comments attempting to use Superstonk or its users for personal or financial gain will be removed.Links to monetized Discords, chatrooms, and YouTube, etc, as well as sites & stores like Etsy, Telegram, etc are not allowed on Superstonk

(Alternative: Put them on your Reddit user profiles).


7. Automod

Automod limitations are 240 days / 4800 karma for posts and 120 days / 1200 karma for comments. If you do not meet these requirements, it will be removed. Award karma is excluded. If removed, you'll receive a message with specifics. Report errors as "Automod fail." Please note that moderators may approve posts removed by Automod at their discretion as it's an anti-shill/spam/troll tool, not the oppressor of apes.

Approved Users will bypass the karma and age restrictions imposed by automod, but must still comply with other automod rules. Thank you for understanding.

More info here


8. DRS Positions & Buy Orders only, No Gain/Loss Porn

Full positions can be posted if they are directly registered in your name. Any positions from “street name” brokerages will -be removed.

Buy orders (including through brokerages such as Fidelity and TDA) can be posted. (If using a brokerage, do NOT show your full position or account number).

Do not post screenshots or details of your gains or losses. (ie. Exited positions displaying gains or losses from sale) These posts will be removed indiscriminately.


9. No Mass-Shared Content

This rule is to be used at the mods' discretion to remove excessive repeats of already-shared content. Moderators may "Spam" these for expediency. i.e. @RoaringKitty tweets, and 20+ people post a screenshot of it. Moderators could remove some of these to declutter the subreddit feed.

This rule may apply to excessive Opinion posts, such as popular but unverified theories. This isn't to limit free speech, but to limit speculative posts so as to not drown out properly-researched DD posts.


10. No Brigading

Under NO circumstances, will brigading be tolerated on this subreddit or any other. Individuals who are discovered to be participating in this, risk being permanently banned for this reason.

Brigading includes: organized voting on other subs, harassing other subs, using r/Superstonk to defame other subs, posting screenshots from other subs

Additionally, Reddit Admins have placed an irremovable code into our automod that prevents linking other subs entirely.


Additionally, moderators are expected to supply a reason for removal, but are allowed to mark Spam for repeat posts that clearly break the rules.

We thank those of you who follow these rules! You are helping cultivate a healthy, safe community that is inclusive to all.

11. Post Flairs reserved for Weekends

Marketplace Creator

Please message the moderators for more details regarding these posts.

NFT Giveaway

NFT cannot be improper content.

Do not ask for money, crypto, or for people to fill out a form.

Do not ask anyone to follow, like or retweet things on Twitter.

It's okay for artists to request royalties (coded into the NFT - indicates revenue from future sales that will be routed back to the creator, maximum of 10%).

How to create NFTs using Loopring

Safety Tips

Do not click on ANY links that anyone messages you privately that ask you for your wallet information - EVER!

Never give out your seed phrase! EVER!

Never give out your wallet password - EVER!

*for additional crypto wallet safety, consider a hardware wallet, like a Ledger.

How to use NFTBot

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