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Italian Football League commerical


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The man is a football fanatic and went to the stadium for the match despite the day being her wife's funeral.

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u/Eggsandtuna4lunch Aug 11 '22

Shit, that made me lol


u/TooLargeBarrel Aug 11 '22

It's an old Italian joke, you can hear it from the great actor Gigi Proietti here.

The funniest thing to me is the "Italian" two guys are speaking. I've never heard an accent like that and they really don't sound like they have any idea of what they are saying.


u/Maxoverthere Aug 12 '22

They’re not Italian, they’re just speaking the words. The older man is particularly annoying to listen to.

Either than or they’re of Italian descent and learned Italian from their parents outside of Italy.


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/troggo Aug 11 '22

get rekt, dumb bot


u/Doctor_French32 Aug 11 '22

Horrible but funny


u/D4rkhorse27 Aug 11 '22

My guy is as cold as they come


u/ReymartSan Aug 12 '22

so dark police shot it


u/J_Ok3R Aug 11 '22

To be fair, it is the Milan derby. Judging by the quality of the camera, we can assume this was not very recent and that means the Milan derby was a lot bigger and better back then.


u/Spiritual_Suspect981 Aug 11 '22

AC Milan died in 2012, compare the 2011 squad with the next season one and is probably the bigges flop in quality ive ever seen


u/umarcola Aug 11 '22

I wouldn't say they died, they won the scudetto last season.


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

Did you see that ludicroso display last night? 🤌


u/FuckRedditMods999 Aug 11 '22

What was Wenger thinking, sending Walcott on that early?


u/[deleted] Aug 11 '22

The thing about Juventus is they always try to walk it in


u/makary12 Aug 11 '22

This is what we call a big dick Chad pro gamer moment right here.


u/chigga666 Aug 11 '22

I can understand if they're at the Milan derby.


u/dangi92 Aug 11 '22

Yes, the stadium you see is the one of Milan. But, more likely, they are in a television studio.

It's funny because they speak Italian, but with a strong English accent. I am Italian, and I had to read the English subtitles to understand some words


u/chigga666 Aug 11 '22

Indeed. Still remember the old Derby Della Madonina, pre 2010. Wild nights.


u/kozmicblues22 Aug 11 '22

Is that for sure an English accent?? I’m a non native italian speaker so I thought it was just some northern accent I hadn’t heard lol


u/TooLargeBarrel Aug 11 '22

Northern native speaker here: nope, they speak in a really weird Italian! The left one sometimes sounds vaguely Sicilian (that "fortunatamènte"), but both speak in a very mumbling way and generally seem not to understand the meaning of what they're saying.


u/Artiionly Aug 11 '22

Okay do they don’t talk super weird only for me, I was like wondering if people in Milan back then spoke like taht


u/Calm_Tale1111 Aug 11 '22

Guy got his priorities straight lmao


u/SElEPTIK Aug 11 '22

thats jokes


u/KillQZealousideal-Bo Aug 11 '22

When ball is lyfe


u/Local_Air_2102 Aug 11 '22

È propio un italiano medio, piuttosto che andare al funerale guarda la partita XD


u/spydermat07 Aug 12 '22

Il derby è la principale fonte di divorzi in Lombardia


u/thewillsta Aug 11 '22

But if she never missed a game maybe he shouldn't from now on


u/kumgongkia Aug 12 '22

Plot twist the wife isn't at the funeral too because she doesn't miss a match


u/Antisound187 Aug 12 '22

She would've wanted it this way.


u/soulkyrius Aug 12 '22

Got me at first half not gonna lie..


u/Viperlite Aug 12 '22

I waited the whole time for his mistress to show up with concessions... even after he mentioned the wife's funeral.


u/xkemex Aug 12 '22

Golden era of serie A.. now the teams are lucky if they can fill 60 percent of the stadium 😔


u/StraightExtension 11d ago

That made me laugh