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Maybe Maybe Maybe

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Good Vibes Can I offer you a smile? I just dyed my hair teal cuz I felt cute today

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Discussion Unpopular Opinion/Rant: The animation in ep1028 was absolutely amazing


I’ve been on the One Piece subreddit for about 2ish years now and it caught my attention recently that a lot of people were unhappy with how the latest episode in the anime was animated.

A lot of the criticisms were based around Luffy’s attacks against Kaido, and more specifically, how Luffy’s haki was being animated. I’m caught up with the manga and occasionally watch the anime, so I had only seen clips of the LvK fight from videos on this subreddit. But damn, after watching the latest episode, it seems like a lot of people are focusing on like 5 seconds of the entire episode.

First off, I want to say the pacing isn’t the best. A lot of the flashbacks could’ve been done more efficiently but I understand that that has recently become a really bad reoccurring problem with the anime.

But holy shit, the fight scene of this episode between Luffy and Kaido was done so well!! Like I said, most of the people I’ve seen complaining on this subreddit (and all of the subsequent memes) were focused on like 1% of the entire scene! The impact moments of the Advanced CoC were a little messy, and it seems like that’s what 90% of the memes I’ve been seeing have been focusing on, but everything building up to it was masterfully done! A lot of the complaints I’ve been seeing have been focusing on such a small part of the episode, but I feel like they are willfully ignoring all of the build up leading up to it.

Now yes, if you want to analyze and pick apart every minute of this episode, you’ll of course find things to be upset about or parts that you didn’t agree with. But if you sit back and watch the episode in it’s entirety, it flows very well and ends with an amazing shot of Luffy setting up the next stage of the fight!

I’m not good at explaining my thoughts, but I thought I’d just rant and let the people who haven’t seen the latest episode yet know that you should try to watch it without any comparisons to the manga or preconceived notions about what to expect in this anime

Okay rant over, roast me all you want lol

Edit: when I say “how the attacks were animated”, I’m specifically talking about the ACoC clashes because it seems like that was focus on a lot of memes as of recently

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The way to know if something is racist is to reverse the roles. Replace “black” with “white” and what happens?

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[Podcast] Curious if yall agree


Before I start I wanna make clear, I'm not saying Sam or anyone on the podcast is at fault, or that any ill will should be directed their way. I feel this is more a L for the community in general.

With that being said I couldn't help but feel icked out by the encoraugment of the impromptu fundraising for Sam's jeep. I feel like it makes the community and podcast seem out of touch. Sam, a woman in a two income household, with no children, working a well paying job with good benefits, made a casual comment about a brand new 2023 car she's interested in, and all the sudden we just started fundraising for her? it'd be different if her and Ian were struggling to afford necessities or a medical treatment, but this is like the complete opposite of that.

Also I feel this sets up bad expectations for the future. One being that Sam most likely feels pressure to now uphold buying this brand new jeep because hundreds of people gave her money for a major financial desicion her and ian seemigly weren't even set on yet. The other being that this could easily lead to uneasiness in the workplace if someone else was to bring up something they wanted, for it to not immediately have it rain donations for them. For example, Zach's Rolex, which I'm aware is a luxury item, however, is a brand new 2023 car not also a luxury item when there are so many cheaper options on the market? Not to mention that jeep is 5 times the cost of Zachs rollie if I remember correctly.

I believe I highlighted some valid reasons as to why the podcast and community should steer away from doing something like this again in the future. Am I alone in feeling this way?

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Flaired Users Only Congresswoman Who Grew Up Under Communism Likens FBI Raid on Trump to ‘KGB-Style Tactics’

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A couple has a freakout during a traffic stop

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POLL: Mar-a-Lago Raid Backfires Spectacularly on Democrats

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OC [OC] Letters' count of Wikipedia articles on religous violence and terrorism.

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aurvinR Hydra Wipe the PD

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👽 Shitpost I wonder if we’ll ever understand RC’s cryptic tweets ? anyhooo I not going to DRS because i trust my broker

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"China is threating to invade Taiwan unprovoked"

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Discussion [RLCS Worlds] Rise telling an SSG fan "you're f***ing shit, you're not chanting now" and "you're a f***ng p***y, you ain't saying shit" is unacceptable.


rise was on Rizzo's stream yesterday and admitted to staring down and trash-talking an SSG fan during yesterday's match against SSG. Rise told the fan, "you're f***ing shit, you're not chanting now" and "you're a f***ing p***y, you ain't saying shit".

Given what is known of the interaction, in my opinion, this is worse than Comm's trash talking in London. rise's trash talking is equally, if not more vulgar, and is directed at a fan rather than a player. This could possibly ruin the LAN experience of the fan, depending on how the fan receives the interaction. I personally think this was way over the line unless the fan did something egregious to rise prior to this interaction. I think rise would probably get a lot more heat for this if the interaction was overheard live on Rizzo's stream like Comm's interaction was. Let's also not forget that Comm was told off by tournament workers in London following his trash talk. Despite the unprofessionalism of rise's trash talk, I don't think any serious punishment is necessary; I think rise just needs to be told off like how Comm was.

It's worth noting that rise seemed remorseful later in the clip. I also think rise's trash talk paired with the possibility of Moist being the team who's not taking scrims seriously provides a good villain storyline for rise and possibly the rest of Moist, even if they are one of the most popular teams at the event.

What do you all think of rise's trash talk? Is it worse than Comm's? Should rise be punished?

Edit: Multiple people have said that the SSG fan was on Rizzo's stream later. Apparently, the fan was in fact trash talking and said that they enjoyed the interaction. If this is the case, then rise's response was on par and completely acceptable.

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Resource How to handle bikers


Since it appears some of you have a genuine panic attack when you see someone on a bike, allow me to help you understand how to handle it.

If you are driving back roads or similar (think riverside drive), even though there are double yellow lines you are allowed to (and legally required to) pass me if I’m going slower than the speed limit. Nothing pisses me off more than looking behind me and seeing 25+ cars behind me. I will occasionally pull over and let y’all pass because the cars behind the first idiot shouldn’t have to be subjected to it. Most times I’ll just laugh and keep going.

If you are on main roads, even those with sidewalks, you MUST pass me with at least 3’ between us. I am not legally allowed to use the sidewalk, so honking at me is just hilarious.

If you really do feel the need to honk or shout at me because you don’t like me using the 6” on the right side of the far lane, just know it’s going into the void. I couldn’t care less.

And last but not least, if I’m first in line at a red light (especially left turn lanes), pull as close to me without hitting me as you can. I am not heavy enough to trip the sensor, and you being 20’ back isn’t either. We will both sit right there till you decide to use your galaxy brain.

This is a bike town, and yet even though you encounter bikers on a daily basis you somehow haven’t learned how to do it. I’m hoping todays lesson helps some of you out.

Bonus tip: pay attention to the quality of the road ahead of me. If there’s a giant hole or obstacle, I’m going to ride around it. That may mean I will encroach your lane a little. I’m going to be as safe as possible and even attempt to check behind me, but I can’t always do so safely.

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Moosebrother Bloom reacts to new GG Compound gates while trespassing

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Americans really be like that

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Currently most overrated fighters?

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Meme / Shitpost What it's like to be a windows user on /r/steamdeck

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Opinion Everyone who bet against America lost again


I just want to take a moment to rail against the "ermergerd, Yuan is replacing the American dollar as the reserve currency" crowd. I just want to rub it in all your stupid faces that once again, America proved you wrong, ate your lunch and shit in your bed.

So many anti-American fools kept spouting all this absurd FUD about the dollar collapsing, that America was finished, and China was sure to supplant the Untied States as the greatest force on the planet.

In the middle of this inflation debacle, so many people kept howling that America's time was up, China was going to run shit, the dollar would be dumped as a reserve currency. I'm also going to guess none of those people bothered to listen to the conference calls of American CEO's, some of the smartest and greediest fuckers on the planet.

In the middle of the worst pandemic since the early 1900's, the American system once again proved that it was the most formidable socioeconomic system on the planet. China destroyed its status as the world's go-to factory floor by refusing American vaccines and shutting down. China also ruined all hopes of being a reserve currency that the world can trust by declaring a war on capitalism that began with the arrest and torture of Jack Ma. Russia humiliated itself on the world stage by invading a smaller, weaker country and getting it's ass handed to it.

And where is America in all of this? Coming off GDP growing at a breakneck pace with just a couple quarters of slightly negative growth in exchange for huge decreases in inflation. Stack on top of that huge gains in productivity, wages, and job growth. Oh, and the United States revived commitments the world over to the American-led global system in the wake of Russia's Ukraine invasion.

The United States is about to enter a major bull market as supply chains adjust and supply catches up with demand. American corporations reporting robust earnings in one of the toughest environments was a marvel to behold. Despite all odds, corporations generally met or beat expections. If you think the bull is running fast now, just wait until those corporations report a quarter where wages have risen and prices have fallen.

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Which one of y’all was at the airport the other day?

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News $BBBY: I may not know much but I do know that if everyone on WSB is talking about it, it's too late.


Honestly though, look at $GME, $AMC, $BB, $CLOV, $RKT, etc.. Too many of you retards are taking that nickname too serious, and throwing money into any DD from u/idksh*taboutf*ck. Anything that aligns with your personal narrative is all it takes for you to throw your life savings or even take out a loan, and it is embarrassing.

Start doing some actual due diligence (sorry I know a lot of you don't even know what that means) and being more financially responsible with your money. It is called an investment because it is geared to set you up for success in the future. Too many of you think this is a get rick quick scheme and a lot of you are getting poor real fast. Enough with the "here comes the short squeeze," or "watch out for the short ladder attacks (wtf even is that?), or one of my favorites the, "MOASS." In all reality you need to figure it out and you deserve your loss porn.

Now that I got that off of my chest, you better believe as soon as the market opens tomorrow I am unloading on the cheapest $BBBY FDs I can find, to the mf moon!


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Family singing Bohemian Rhapsody thanks to the @reface app

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Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is expected to cost tax payers over $90 million for security, allocation of US military presence, and more. Welcome to Biden's America!

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DRAMA Don't people have better things to do at 2pm on a work day?

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Other Nobody cares about your schedule