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Did you maintain a relationship with your siblings into adulthood?


Does anyone else find it uncomfortable to socialize with your adult siblings because of their connection to your childhood? It makes me feel bad because I know poor parenting caused us to all hate eachother as kids but I can't help but be reminded of the trauma and have to put on a brave face around them.

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Art/Music Ever since the Direct, I've been thinking about drawing Lo-Wang from Shadow Warrior as an Inkling wielding a Splatana! Not sure if I will do that or not, but for now here's a little quick photoshop I did, cause why not? XD

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That floofy tail!

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Misc Help Puppy vaccine catch up schedule?


I rescued two puppies from a hoarder home (different breeds, different genders). They've never been vaccinated.

They got their first dhpp + bordertella at 13 weeks old. They got their second dhpp at 17 weeks today. Vet insists they need a third round of dhpp, so I've scheduled one along with rabies in 3 weeks. Their spay/neuter schedule is booked out for 4 months, so they referred me to another specific clinic.

I booked a spay /neuter appointment for my pups later this month at this second clinic and they'll be getting their rabies vaccine at the same time as well. The vet on the phone at the second clinic says they do not need a third round of dhpp since their second round was done after 16 weeks old. Next dhpp should be in 1 year according to this second vet.

I'd ask my vet but now two vets are at odds with each other regarding the catch-up vaccine schedule. And to be honest I'm a bit leery of my first vet in terms of initial impressions. But I'm no vet.

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Joe and Hunter Biden Staying in $20 Million South Carolina Beachfront Mansion *For Free*

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How do you know if you passed your second language test?


Asking as an applicant with a CJO from a mainline, still waiting for a training date, it's been 9 days since CJO, had the language test yesterday, thank you

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What are y’all’s thoughts? 2001 Jeep Wrangler

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i need friends in super mario run

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⚽ Squad Building ⚽ Who should I get for LB?

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Meme Oh...!


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They fixed the glitch


The new update doesn’t allow you to swipe up/ get out of the game to reset the shiny rocks anymore.

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First timer here - wondering if it’s worth starting a plant from seed this late in the season…?


I have a few autoflower seeds arriving next week. Assuming a few days to germinate, the harvest time could be late October here in the US northeast. This plant would be primarily outdoors on a sunny deck, but I can bring it in to a ventilated 3 season porch on colder nights and bad weather days. Is this a waste of time? I’m definitely going to try again in the spring, but this could be a fun project to learn from in the meantime. I’m ok with a less than optimal yield.

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3/4 day trip - 2nd time visiting suggestions?


I have a flight booked landing on the 8th of October and departing on the 11th. This is my second time in Iceland, i previously did a day in Reykjavík and a south coast tour with an tour operator.

I am most likely renting a car, as I think there is not enough to see to justify doing day trips from Reykjavík for 3 days, but also not enough time for anything along the ring road/national parks.

I was thinking of doing the blue lagoon on either the first or last day (after or before the flights). I would like to see the northern lights and Gulfoss waterfall, but that’s about the extent of what I could come up with.

Anyone have Any ideas that they would like to share? Thank you!

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Discussion Hmmm what is this user even talking about. Do they even watch the show? 🙄

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Ernie always gets enthusiastic when he visits the library.

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Sitrep on municipal broadband?!


I've been hearing about municipal broadband or public mesh networks or whatever in Cambridge for many many (many!!) years. Instead of any of that, I've been stuck forking over a metastatic fraction of my income to the Comcast monopoly. No other service with modern speeds has ever been available to me at any address I've lived. So what's the deal here? Am I just going to grow old and pass on a Comcast dependency to my children and grandchildren?

I'm reading that people in rural parts of the country are getting FCC subsidies for fiber, and I'm just sitting here in the middle of one of the world's greatest technology capitals -- within a stone's throw from where much of this underlying technology was invented -- without anyone who will take my money to offer a service where Zoom doesn't cut out at the worst possible moment!!

TLDR: Cambridge municipal broadband when??

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ETH NFT Literal Trash

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Misc So i was looking at old geometry dash videos on youtube and in this video specifically at 1:18 it has this. You probably know already from the title don't you?


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Pigtures She needed an anxiety cuddle

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Patient has head lice


Hi, I am 28F, height 5’2, weight about 185, non smoker, no current medications besides Nexplanon implant, no medical issues, no recreational drugs

I work in a mental health unit. On Monday we got a new patient in, and on Tuesday I was with him for about an hour assessing him, we sat about 3-4 feet apart. Today we discovered he has head lice (lice found on clothes, and nurse examined and he had eggs in his hair, no active lice in his hair this afternoon). I had lice when I was in the 5th grade and have been paranoid about lice ever since. I have thick curly blonde hair and it took forever to get rid of at that time. I’ve examined my head multiple times today and don’t see anything, and put olive oil and Vaseline in my hair because google said that may be effective in suffocating any potential lice. What are the odds of me getting head lice? I had no head itching until I heard about this, and we did not have any head to head contact.

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Hacks Mounting a Google Nest Max in the wall. Need electrical help!


Hello, I'm trying to upgrade my home intercom and wanted a google next max to be installed in the wall in the kitchen using this mount - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09YS4J56W/. I'm not super smart with electronics but wanted someone to tell me if this https://power.sager.com/plc-30-24-2526259.html can be used to replace the transformer that comes with it so the electrical connection will be compliant from an electricity standpoint to hid the electronics in the wall. I don't have the ability to run any POE since of its location of it. I've also read I cannot add an electric outlet in the wall. So I'm just looking for some options.

Power Supply Specs

Model: W18-030N1A
Input:100-240V-1A 50-60Hz;Output:24V-1.25A
Compatible with: Google Nest Hub Max
Package Include:1x AC Adapter Power Supply Charger 24V 1.25A W18-030N1A for Google Nest Hub Max.

Transformer (inline specs from above)

Environmental Conditions: General Purpose
Industry: LED Lighting
Input Type: 90-264 VAC
Mechanical Style: LED Power Supply
Number of Outputs: 1
Operating Temperature : -30 to +50°C, derate linearly from 40-50°C to 60% power
Output Amps 1: 1.25 A
Output Voltage V1 Nominal: 18-24 V
Package Type : Plastic
Power : 30 W
Subcategory : AC-DC Power Supply

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giant tomato with banana for scale

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Miscellaneous Shoto and Vox have joined the ring


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Help Need tips for swapping my betta into a 20 gallon!


Starry lives in a 5 gallon currently, but I'd like to move her into my 20 gallon that I got for something else that didnt work out (nothing fish related) . I have some questions about how I can successfully move tanks. So, first of all, should I use her current tank water and add it to the 20 gallon, then add more water since obviously the tank is bigger? And, what can I use to fill up the extra space? Since I currently have a terracotta pot, a nice wood piece, and some plants and river rocks in the 5 gallon, I don't think it would be enough for 4x the size of the tank!! Should I add a cave? More wood or plants? Thanks!

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What's your go to scotch now at the LCBO


With prices increasing like a mad man. What's your go to scotch you can afford at the LCBO?

Mine is currently the Dun Bhegan islay $55. It's the little brother to my favourite dram of all time Laphroaig 10.

What's yours?